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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Future.

Just to keep things up to date: This blog has gone on indefinite hiatus, with no plans to resume. Some day, I may change my mind, hence why it has been kept. But not any time soon. Too much stress.

All future reviews are being posted at my tumblr, for fun and giggles. I am choosing not to share my tumblr here, which I know may upset people, and I do apologize for that.

To you all, I wish you every happiness.

-Baz Kay

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011

Hello, lovelies!

Despite my lovely hobby here (book reviews, I mean), I wanted to remind those of you out there that today, November 1st, marks the start of National Novel Writing Month, aka Nanowrimo! What's Nanowrimo? It's your chance to take any story idea in your head, and run with it for "30 days of literary abandon."

How it works:
You have 30 days to write 50 thousand words and step your way into the Nanowrimo winners' circle. It sounds too easy, doesn't it? It take work, dedication, and a lot of support, but you can do it! Give it a shot, and let's see what you can do.

I'm Sadiana over on Nanowrimo, feel free to make a friend. Good luck, everyone! Day One has begun: 1666 words today, leaving 48334 to go!

Good luck!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Temporary Hiatus

Hello, everyone!

Lately I've been too busy between work, school, and the lot of my life, so Lady Kay Reviews is going on hiatus for a while again. Thank you for being awesome about this, and I'll hopefully be back before the new year. If I don't see you before then, have a great one!

For the curious who want to keep up with whatever I feel like saying in 140 characters or less, my Twitter often has many random things to say: Click here to go see.

Later days!

Edit: In an effort to not be completely dead, I may update sporadically on a Wednesday now and again. No promises, though, as "real life" requires my attention far more than I'd like.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Cinder and Ella

Hello, everyone! Happy September to you. Today's review is of "Cinder and Ella" by Melissa Lemon. The hardcover is listed at 280 pages long, although I read a digital version of it.

The blurb from Amazon: "After her father's disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle. But it isn't long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself. What Ella finds there starts a quest that will change her life and the entire kingdom. With a supernatural twist on this beloved fairytale, it's a must read you'll never forget."

My thoughts:

First things first: I love fairy tales. From the oldest ones (where the children die horrifically) to the new (where everybody makes it home safely), from the retellings (such as Cameron Dokey's "Belle") to the films (think "Ever After"), I love fairy tales. So I went into reading "Cinder and Ella" with high hopes, because the premise just sounded so nifty. Instead of Cinderella, we have Cinder and Ella, two girls of whom the tale is all about. However would the author manage that?

The problem is, the story fell flat for me. Not only was it a slow starter, I wasn't able to connect with the story or any of the characters. Where I was hoping for a fun tale, or a fantastic spin on the old yarn, what I got was a new story that left questions unanswered and felt very simplistically written. Sure, there were twisty bits, and turny bits, and parts where you go, "Aww," but all in all, this story felt drawn out and a bit silly in parts.

There is a very simple romance in the story, which felt a bit rushed to me. It's not love at first sight, but the distance the romance travels in so short a time felt somewhat unbelievable. As did the reactions of Cinder and Ella's family, and (small SPOILER) I wasn't in love with how the author started by showing Cinder and Ella, then Cinder-n-Ella, down to just Cinderella by their mother/siblings. I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough. (END small spoiler.)

Of the good bits, I really enjoyed the character of Tanner. I wish we'd gotten more of his backstory, and who he really was. There could definitely have been a little more character development there, but I still liked him. All of the characters could have used more development, honestly (although Ella got the most, which was nice). Another thing I really enjoyed were the people's connection to their specific trees. I wish the mythology behind that had been explored a bit more, but it still made for an interesting plot point.

The "bad guy" is very one-dimensional, and what happens to him at the end seems somewhat contrived, and leaves open another one of those unanswered questions. I haven't found any word of a sequel for this novel, or if it's part of a series, so that just bugs me.

I rate this novel at 2 Stars. If you want to read it, wait until it comes to your library.

Disclosure: I read an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book for free thanks to NetGalley and the book's publisher, Cedar Fort, Inc. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: The Duke and I

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope all of you out there in the world are doing well, and reading aplenty.

Today's review is of "The Duke and I" by Julia Quinn. I read a digital version, but the paperback copy comes in at 384 pages. This book is the first book in the "Bridgertons" series, of which there are 7 more books and 2 anthologies.

The blurb from Amazon: "Simon Basset, the irresistible Duke of Hastings, has hatched a plan to keep himself free from the town′s marriage-minded society mothers. He pretends to be engaged to the lovely Daphne Bridgerton. After all, it isn′t as if the brooding rogue has any real plans to marry - though there is something about the alluring Miss Bridgerton that sets Simon′s heart beating a bit faster. And as for Daphne, surely the clever debutante will attract some very worthy suitors now that it seems a duke has declared her desirable. But as Daphne waltzes across ballroom after ballroom with Simon, she soon forgets that their courtship is a complete sham. And now she has to do the impossible and keep herself from losing her heart and soul completely to the handsome hell-raiser who has sworn off marriage forever!"

My thoughts: Ah, engagements of convenience! Always a fun way to start off a relationship, don't you think? This story used it well: Simon doesn't want the matchmaking mama's on his heels, and Daphne doesn't really want to marry just anyone. So when Simon proposes that by becoming falsely engaged to him in order to make her seem more desirable (because everybody wants what somebody else has got, of course), Daphne agrees, and the two of them begin going through the motions of courtship. This leads them to realize that maybe they are more to each other than they considered possible, and maybe no one else will do. Of course, once they realize that, there's another kind of trouble in paradise...

When it comes to the characters, you can't help but have your heart go out to Simon. With a father that expects perfection, being hampered by a severe stutter would set anyone back. That he still occasionally can lose control of it, and that he's kept it from his peers shows quite the strong will. I enjoyed him as a character, and enjoyed watching him tumbling for Daphne. And when it comes to the woman herself, I also enjoyed how she was written. With a determined mama, and some interesting siblings, she's got her work cut out for her. Especially when it comes to time alone with Simon, and that slow trip into romance. I found her amusing, and enjoyed the steel of her spine.

The only thing I really felt unnecessary were the "excerpts" from "Lady Whistledown's Society Papers" which prefaced each chapter. Too often they seemed just a short summary of the oncoming events, and felt mostly unnecessary. At the end, I found them a bit cute/quaint, and wondered the true identity of the writer, but I didn't feel they really added to the story.

This book had plenty of humor hand in hand with romance, as well as some pretty good angst going on, all of which I love. I'm giving this book a rating of 5 Stars, with the sexy bits at 4 Stars.